Our Poster Child

Do you recognize this girl?

Dear Friends,

This is eight-year-old Biak, and she lives in Myanmar. Over the years Biak has become a good friend of Heaven’s Family—we even use a photo of her as the “poster child” in the header at the top of each Critical Medical Needs Fund mini-update! And it’s only fitting that Biak be our poster child, because in 2009 she was the first person to be helped by this fund.

Our founder, David Servant, recently traveled to Myanmar and visited Biak and her family. Four years ago Biak had a tumor growing around her right eye socket and the bridge of her nose. Heaven’s Family helped her impoverished mother with the finances to transport Biak 500 miles to Yangon and to have the tumor removed. Biak’s surgery was successful; she regained the use of her eye and, thankfully, the tumor never reached her brain.

Four years later, her scar is barely noticeable. Today, thanks to our many generous friends, the Critical Medical Needs Fund continues to save lives.

Do you recognize this girl?

At left, Biak and her older sister 4 years ago; at right, both today (with David Servant)

In His service,

Patti Samuels
Director, Critical Medical Needs Fund

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