Overflowing Joy

Villagers in Malawi enjoying clean water
Villagers dedicating their new well to the Lord

Overflowing Joy

How you’ve helped provide clean water in Malawi

Dear Family,

Likuchira is a poor, rural village in Malawi. Previously, its residents walked a very long distance to fetch dirty, contaminated water from hand-dug wells and open streams. Many villagers had gotten sick or died from drinking the filthy water.

Through Heaven’s Family’s Safe Water Ministry, you’ve helped play a role in partnering with the village to drill and install a well, pump, water tower, and taps.

Now, clean water flows abundantly with good force. Families no longer spend hours fetching contaminated water or getting sick from drinking it. Moreover, ministry to the community has increased, because the well is drawing people to the multi-purpose ministry building the brethren have built next to the well.

The villagers are rejoicing over this amazing blessing! The new well has been especially valuable in helping the villagers practice better hygiene during the COVID-19 crisis. Their health and skin have improved immediately.

None of this is possible without you. You are saving and changing lives in Malawi and many other nations!

Villagers drawing dirty water out of holes
Village girls showing how they used to draw dirty water out of holes for drinking

May this well be a witness to the love of Jesus—our Living Water—for years to come.

Diane Scott
Director, Safe Water Ministry

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