Par Dim’s Pig Plan

Feeding pigs at orhpanage
Par Dim making a regular contribution to her investment.

Par Dim and her husband Joseph take care of 16 children at Emmanuel Orphanage. She recently had an idea: raise pigs to help their orphanage become more self-sufficient. She knew that if she could buy some piglets and fatten them up, she could then sell them for three times their purchase price. Not only will they soon have extra income to help meet the needs of the children, but once in a while—on special occasions like Christmas—they can enjoy a great pig roast!

Par Dim’s husband Joseph wrote to us and said:

“My wife is now sweeter and helpful for me both spiritually and physically than before into His harvest. One of my great more joy in the Lord that she meditates the word of God by daily Bible reading which is her most favorites Mt 5, 6 and 7 and devoting to God by prayer. My wife has plan to raise six pigs and now she have some pigs. My wife raise now 4 pigs and the pig house for 10 pig dwelling.”

I get so excited when I see orphanage directors like Dawt Par doing all they can to provide for their own needs. With the income they receive from raising pigs, they will be able purchase shoes, clothes, food, and more for the orphans they love.

You can help orphanages just like this one to become more self-sufficient by giving to the Orphan’s Tear Self Sufficiency Fund.

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

Par Dim standing with her feed bucket
With room to spare, Par Dim hopes to increase the size of her “piggy bank”

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