Part-Time Work, Eternal Benefits

09 Oct

Part-Time Work, Eternal Benefits

Many North Koreans, like the photo of the unknown man above, secretly work for the underground church

Dear Friends,

My name is Kyan. I’m 45 years old. I have a wife and two children. That may not interest you, nor will my lowly day job…but perhaps my part-time work will. You see, I’m a smuggler for the underground church in North Korea.

In 2007, I began illegally crossing the border of North Korea into China to find food for my family, just like many other desperate families have to do. During my visits, I met kind Christians who helped me gather the supplies I came searching for. They also invited me to attend their secret worship services where I met Jesus Christ. My new friends even opened a safe house near the border where those like me could be discipled in our new faith.

In that place of refuge, a teacher and his wife help me understand the Bible, how to disciple and care for my friends back home, and even how to safely evangelize without getting arrested. The leaders even made me a pastor of the little church—which consists of my wife and children, my two brothers, and two neighboring families—that secretly meets in my home, though I know that I still have much to learn.

Each time I return home to North Korea I carry more than just new wisdom in Christ. At the house I’m given life-sustaining food, warm clothes and medicine, which I must smuggle across the border to share with my small church. I was even provided with a digital media player for our gatherings, filled with audio and video Bible teachings.

I visit as often as possible, though I risk being shot by border guards each time I try to secretly swim across the river that separates my country from China. But the spiritual and physical food I carry in for my people is worth the risk, so I am committed to my task until all of my dark country is flooded with the light of Jesus. Thanks for your gifts of love—I couldn’t continue my eternally-rewarding part-time job without your help. — Kyan

With gratitude on behalf of Kyan and countless others,

Ben Croft
Director, North Korean Christians Fund

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