Pastor Thang Leo Brings Home a Harvest

30 Oct

Pastor Thang Leo Brings Home a Harvest

Pastor Thang Leo is so proud to have his son, Samuel, back with his family.

Pastor Thang Leo was failing to provide for his family. Living in the remote mountains of Chin State, Myanmar, it’s not uncommon for fathers to struggle at providing the basic necessities of clothing, food and education for their children, and Pastor Thang’s salary just wasn’t enough.

So when a friend who runs an orphanage hundreds miles away in Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city, offered to take one of his children, he felt he had no choice but to send his son Samuel away.

Several years passed. Then one day Pastor Thang heard some good news that might mean that his son could return home to his family. That’s the day, last October, when I met Pastor Thang and offered him a loan of $300 USD to start a small agricultural business so that he could earn more income so that he could provide for his family—and bring his son back home from the orphanage. He heartily agreed!

Now Pastor Thang not only has his son back, but he also has a 10-acre cabbage field!

Because of Pastor Thang’s good reputation in Chin State, he was appointed to be an overseer of 10 other families who took loans from Orphan’s Tear in order to bring their children back home.

Thank you for making a difference and standing with us as we reunite children in orphanages with their families!

Elisabeth Walker
Director of Orphan’s Tear

Pastor Thang standing in front of part of his 5,500-pound harvest!


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  • Ronnie Johnson

    It’s been my experience that most believers around the world just want a way to earn an honest living and are willing to work hard to provide for their families and help those in need.
    This is good looking cabbage!!

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