Perseverance and Prayer

07 Oct

Perseverance and Prayer

Image of Cashew farmerSieng on his property where he grows his cashews and vegetables

Perseverance and Prayer

A cashew farmer in Cambodia prospers, thanks to you

Dear Family,

Sieng is a farmer and recently became a grandfather. He has relied on his cashew trees as a primary income source to support his family.

Through his relationship with Sopheak, a local church planter and Heaven’s Family micro-banker, he learned about an opportunity to access funds through a microloan in order to diversify and increase his income.

With a small loan from Heaven’s Family’s Microloan Ministry, Sieng was able to buy vegetable seeds (eggplants, beans, chilis, gourds) and equipment to farm his land.

It’s been a difficult couple years, with drought wiping out much of Sieng’s crops and COVID making it difficult for him to sell his cashews and vegetables. At one point, he had to start over with much of his planting. However, through prayer and perseverance, Sieng did not give up. He sought out help from other more experienced vegetable farmers in his community and in his God’s Love Group.

Slowly, Sieng was able to recoup his losses and pay back his loan, and in time, he began to enjoy profits and increased blessings for his family.

Sieng credits prayer, diligent work, and your support with getting him through the difficult times and enabling him to come out of them stronger than ever. Thank you!

Image of the director of the Microloan Ministry

Steve Sifa
Director, Microloan Ministry

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