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October 2010 Issue

Perseverance Pays Off

National Missionary Fund at Work in Kenya

David Growden, National Missionary Ministry


Happy to be in Christ: Miriam Anyona

bbWhen Ben and Sarah (at left), a young couple from Wisconsin, told us 18 months ago that they wanted to support a National Missionary through Heaven’s Family, neither they, nor we, could have foreseen the eternal consequences of their decision. omondiThey were assigned a National Missionary named John Omondi (at right) of western Kenya, a 30-year-old servant of Christ who was burdened to plant churches in homes—a very new and radical concept—among the unreached in the region of Kakamega. Ben and Sarah were able to support John and his wife, Eunice, with $75 per month, which made it possible for them to relocate to Kakamega where they started sharing the gospel in the marketplace.

It was slow going at first, and John’s initial monthly reports to Ben and Sarah contained more information about the challenges he was facing than victories he was enjoying. It was not too many months, however, before John’s perseverance and Ben and Sarah’s prayers paid off. John’s monthly reports were consistently filled with good news. People were being genuinely saved and discipled. Alcoholics were being delivered. The destitute were being helped. Widows were being served. Churches were being planted in the homes of the newly converted. John’s disciples were making disciples.

It has been nothing short of revival. Now, 18 months later, John, his disciples, and their disciples have planted over 200 house churches in western Kenya.

Earlier this year, John and one of his disciples shared the gospel for two hours with a young Muslim widow named Miriam whom they met in the marketplace. She confessed that she had been questioning in her heart many things about Islam and was considering suicide. She was not, however, ready to become a Christian or pay the inevitable cost of turning her back on Islam. The three continued to meet, however, to talk about God, and within a month’s time Miriam gave her life to Christ. As a result, her parents and all her extended family members rejected her. Miriam believes, however, that what she has lost is of no comparison to what she has gained.

Miriam is just one among hundreds of people who have come to the Lord as a result of John and Eunice Omondi’s obedience to God’s call to make disciples in Kakamega. All their converts will one day be thanking Ben and Sarah in the kingdom of Heaven, because apart from Ben and Sarah’s sacrifice, John and Eunice Omondi could not have made theirs. As the apostle Paul asked, “How will they preach unless they are sent?” (Rom. 10:15).

The Bigger Picture:

David Growden, director of Heaven’s Family‘s National Missionary Fund, has a waiting list of worthy National Missionaries who need monthly support. Depending on where they serve, National Missionaries in many developing nations need only $50 to $200 per month for their living expenses. You can get a “share” of a National Missionary for just $25 per month. Start your sponsorship today by sending your first monthly sponsorship gift of any increment of $25 to the National Missionaries Fund by clicking the link below. David Growden will be in touch with you to tell you about your National Missionary from whom you will begin receiving personal email updates each month.

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