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30 Sep

Hello Friends of Orphan’s Tear,

This month I’m sharing with you a brief sampling of the reports we’ve recently received from our orphanages.

You can read updates from the specific orphanage where your child lives by logging in to your online account at Then click on My Account>Sponsorship and Giving History>My Children>View This Child’s Orphanage. You can also download pictures of your sponsored children to print or use as desktop wallpaper on your computer.

Celebrating Independence Day in Malawi

Children at Yesu Ngwadidi Children’s Home in Malawi, playing “house”

The children at our orphanage in Malawi celebrated Malawi’s Independence Day by “playing house.” Here is what the director wrote to me:

This year once again, our kids gathered together with other friends and neighbours and built small huts out of branches on the Yesu Ngwadidi property. There were about 20 kids in all and a whole village of little huts, each shared by two or more kids. Everyone cooked in their own hut and they did not let us cook any meals at the house all day. It was wonderful to see them acting as mothers and helpers, making their own choices of what to buy, eat, and cook for all meals. House-mother Mrs. Mchacha helped by giving one chicken for every two of our kids. They also had vegetables and rice and other things. Mrs. Guta took some photos of them outside their huts or cooking. In the evening they all sang songs and played tag.

Sounds like fun!

Growing Spiritually

The children of Zion Orphanage in Myanmar having their daily devotions

Although we want to take care of the physical needs of orphans, we want even more for the children to grow up learning about the Savior who loves them. That is why all of the orphanages supported by Orphan’s Tear are directed by devoted Christians. It makes my heart glad to hear reports like this one, from Zion Orphanage in Myanmar:

All children are also growing their spiritual walk. They all are happy to pray and worship together. They all are obedience to God as well as parents [directors]. Some children can share short message during our family devotion hour. Majority decided to be involved fully in ministry.

Flooding in Kalaymyo, Myanmar

Joshua, the director of Shalom Orphanage in Myanmar

The rainy season has been rainier than usual this year in Kalaymyo, Myanmar. Everyone there is looking forward to the drier season ahead—as are we, since we are taking a team of 17 people to Kalaymyo in just over a month! Our team, made up of Heaven’s Family staff members and Orphan’s Tear sponsors, will be visiting the 23 orphanages we help in Kalaymyo, as well as the 15 orphanages we help in Yangon. Our team is looking forward to a wonderful time visiting the orphans, and will be bringing back lots of pictures to share with you!

Thanks so Much!

As always, thanks to every orphan sponsor, and to everyone who has given to Orphan’s Tear! Your gifts are making a difference in the lives of orphans, and we are eternally grateful.

For the children,

Charity McDaniel

Our goal is to serve you as you serve “the least of these” among Christ’s family. If you would like to contribute again to any of the Orphan’s Tear funds, we want to make it easy for you, either through a credit card or an automatic bank withdrawal. Just click on the appropriate link here: Sponsor a Child, Orphan’s Tear Special Gifts Fund, Christmas Gifts for Orphans Fund, Education Fund, Foster Care Initiative Fund, or Self-Sufficiency Fund.

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