Preaching opportunities in Yangon!

08 May

Preaching opportunities in Yangon!

The cyclone in Myanmar has apparently opened up some doors for the Gospel to go forth! Our primary contact in Myanmar writes:

The cyclone “Nargis” smashed us on May 2, 2008 from 9 pm to 12:30 pm the next day with strong wind, 130 miles per hour. And old man of 74 years from my neighbor told me that it was the worst in his life. The people who lived around our office were helpless, all their poor huts were collapsed and they all ran to our office for safety. Altogether they were 107 persons. We cared and comforted them as far as we could and fed them with good food. Some were shocked, sick and lost all hopes. During that time Anna, my daughter took an advantage and shared them the good news to the victims.

Anna wrote to us as well:

Goodnews… That time our neighbor were come to the office and they ask for food and one meal we feed them. I asked them , “do you want to listen about Jesus?” and they say “Yes.” Around one hour I preach them the Salvation of God and we really enjoy it.

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