Food For the Impoverished and Abused


Food is one of life’s most basic necessities, but sadly, it is in chronic short supply for some members of our spiritual family who are trapped in a cycle of poverty. You can make a difference today by meeting a real-time, pressing need of Heaven's Family's Food Ministry.

Lunches for children of the Rwandan genocide

Young genocide victims at a Christian school in Rwanda are unable to afford school lunches; without these lunches, the students are hungry and struggling to focus in school

For $3,700 we can help ensure that these children are getting at least one nourishing meal a day to strengthen them and help them focus as they receive a loving, Christian education


Diane Scott

Director, Food Ministry

A Note From the Director

“I was hungry, and you fed Me.” Jesus’ words come to mind often as I learn the stories of hundreds of hungry and impoverished Christians, many whom I meet face to face. It is such a joy and privilege to be able—with many of our partners who love Jesus—to share our abundance with those facing food shortages, malnutrition or starvation. It’s an even greater joy to share the Bread of Life with those who, due to their physical hunger, are also hungry for truth and love. 

A Closer Look

The Little Angel Christian School in Rwanda is serving the children of victims and perpetrators of the 1991 Rwanda genocide. This school is working to bring reconciliation through loving care and the message of the gospel. Because of the poverty of these children’s parents, the students are unable to eat lunch and get the nourishment needed to fuel their minds and bodies for a full school day. For $3,700 we can help provide one school year of daily, nutritious, hot lunches (bulk maize, rice, and beans) which will greatly improve the children’s health and give them the energy to stay in school all day. Receiving proper nourishment will enable the children to be attentive, learn, and better succeed at receiving a much needed education.


The Difference Your Gifts Make

manuel-eating-lunchManuel was thin and undernourished. He had lived in a one-room shack in Mexico his mom and her alcoholic boyfriend, a man that would often beat and choke Manuel with electrical cords.

It was no surprise, therefore, that Manuel spent a lot of time in the streets. He was found by one of our partners and taken to a safehouse where he is receiving love and Christian care. Through gifts to our Food Ministry, Manuel is receiving the nutrition he needs to restore his young body. He’s also hearing about the love of Jesus for the first time in his life. Manuel is improving. Every gift given to Heaven’s Family’s Food Ministry goes to help those like Manuel whose need for food is desperate.


What Other Donors Are Saying

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