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Driven From Their Homes. Forgotten.
But Not By You.

According to the UN refugee agency reporting, for the first time since post-World War II, over 50 million people have been forcibly displaced worldwide. This number reflects people who are refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced people. Make a difference by meeting a pressing need today.

Save a Malnourished, Refugee Baby

Rana's parents, made homeless and impoverished by ISIS, cannot afford the formula needed to feed their malnourished child. For only $1,130 we can help provide an entire year's worth of formula, vitamins and other necessities to not only feed this infant but give her the nourishment needed to grow.

A Closer Look

Imagine your town being invaded by gun-wielding terrorists who will show no mercy, not even to children. This experience is a reality for many in Syria, like one family who was forced to flee their Christian town with no resources, no supplies, no identification and not even the formula needed to provided nourishment for their infant daughter, Rana. Forced to live like refugees, this family of five considers itself fortunate just to have food to eat. But even when there is food, Rana's little body goes hungry, yearning for the milk her mother cannot provide due to her own lack of nourishment. To make matters worse, formula is practically unaffordable for those who have been forced by ISIS to leave everything behind. For only $1,130 we can help provide an entire year's worth of formula, vitamins and other necessities to satisfy the hunger and physical needs of this infant. This family has paid the ultimate price to follow Jesus. Through this gift, we can help carry their load.

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From the Desk of the Director

Becky Servant

Director, Refugee Ministry​

Addressing the Refugee Crisis

Refugees are victims of war or persecution, and have lost their homes, their countries and, many times, members of their family. The refugee crisis today is overwhelming. But we still have the choice to help, one life and one need at a time. Your donation to meet this pressing need today will make a world of difference in this uncertain time.

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What Our Donors Are Saying

I love meeting these pressing needs! It is so amazing to feel like I actually know the people my gift is going to help. Without Heaven’s Family, I would never have known these needs existed or had the ability to make a difference. And I love the reporting I get from the ministry directors to update me on the progress of those I invested in, reminding me that I am helping real people with real needs. I can’t speak highly enough about Heaven’s Family!

Phyllis Cunningham

It’s so satisfying to know that when I give to Heaven’s Family, specific needs of unique individuals all over the world are being met in real-time. And getting reports on how my gifts were used assures me that my money has been invested wisely. What a blessing to make such a difference in the lives of so many I wouldn’t even know about if it wasn’t for these pressing need alerts! I highly recommend giving to this ministry. You won’t be disappointed!

Glyndon Greer

Heaven's Family's Mission

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Build Hope through relief and development
Give Love through care and compassion

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