Prison Doors Opening Again

25 Jun

Prison Doors Opening Again

Picture of inmates receiving supplies
The juvenile inmates celebrating the fact that someone loves them and cares about them!

Prison Doors Opening Again

A juvenile prison lets our chaplaincy team in and hearts begin to open

Dear Family,

During the pandemic, many prisons around the world have been closed to anyone coming in from the outside. Heaven’s Family’s Prison & Rehab Ministry chaplains have been hindered from taking the gospel to inmates who so desperately need God’s salvation and deliverance.

However, the government officials at one prison in the Democratic Republic of the Congo opened the doors for our chaplaincy team to bring greatly needed food, medicines and clothing into the juvenile prison in the city of Goma. It was a glorious day for our chaplaincy team to show God’s love and offer hope to many young inmates. The gospel was well received.

Many of these juvenile prisoners lack food, clothing and basic hygiene supplies. Several are suffering from lice infestations, STDs, sicknesses and serious diseases. It is a horrible place to live.

If these young men have no family members to bring them food and supplies, they suffer immensely. Our chaplaincy visit was a wonderful opportunity to show God’s love by meeting their needs in a very tangible way, both sharing the gospel verbally and living it out.

You’ve helped give hope to imprisoned juveniles by clearly communicating that someone cares for them and loves them even while they are living in such misery. Many have discovered that Jesus loves them and that He will never leave them or forsake them. Thank you so very much for your heart of love and compassion!

Bob Collins
Prison & Rehab Ministry

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