Providing Safe Water in Africa

12 Jun

Providing Safe Water in Africa

Dear Friends,

Below is some uplifting news that we’ve recently been receiving from Africa. As you know, the result of safe water is less sickness and more health. Your compassion has been providing safe water in Africa, and around the world, and the members of our spiritual family are enjoying those blessings.

First, here is a photo of the children of Hope Children’s Home in Kenya, Africa, who are now benefitting from safe water filtered through a biosand filter from Heaven’s Family:

An orphanage in Africa with a biosand filter
These orphans in Africa finally enjoying the benefits of safe water

Your gifts to the Safe Water Fund have not only been helping poor believers in Kenya, but also in Rwanda and India. The establishment of filter production centers in these nations is resulting in lives being saved. Hundreds of families are benefitting from something as basic as safe water. Below is a photo from Africa we just received of biosand filters that have recently been completed in our production center in Kenya:

Biosand filters provide safe water in Africa
These biosand filters will provide safe water for hundreds of orphans and families in Africa

And here is a very encouraging letter from Justin Nkundabagenzi, our biosand team leader in Rwanda:


Love and greetings! I’m sure you are doing fine by God’s grace. We are going on with the filter work trying to help people to improve their hygiene and sanitation standards.

The filters distribution we have just completed was conducted in a very poor village called ‘Sabe’. The houses are so tiny there at such an extent that even the inhabitants can find hardly where to put their beds. So we couldn’t place the filters inside the very houses. We had to set up shelters just meant for the filters; and it is the village chief who keeps the keys of the shelters.

It was such a joy in the village! Actually in this place they have no safe water to drink. There are a lot of diseases related to lack of hygiene and unsafe water; especially that they have no toilets and people have to pass stools in the open air.

There is a high rate of children mortality there; maybe because the adults can resist better to different infections. Even by the time we were there for distribution of filters there were funerals for a child who had just died. The main cause of death is diarrhea. The common belief there is that this children mortality is due to poisoning/sorcerers.

I tried to teach some basics of hygiene and explain about the use and benefits of Biosand filters and safe water.

After they had received the filters, they expressed their deep gratitude and prayed …. so that they can stand against the economic crisis which is affecting the whole world, since so many people on this end are still not unable to access to safe water to drink. So biosand filters are badly needed.

Thanks again and God bless you for all the good work you are doing to help the helpless.


Finally, here is a photo we received that is heart-breaking. It shows a typical water source in rural Africa—a desperate cry for safe water. Can you imagine getting your drinking water like this every day? This is the sad reality in many parts of Africa.

Children in Africa collecting muddy water
Safe water is a rarity in Africa

In Christ,

Chuck King
International Director, Heaven’s Family

Learn how you too can help provide safe water for our spiritual family in places like Africa and all around the world.


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