Pull up a banana leaf!

25 Jan

Villagers gather around on banana leaves in the remote jungles of Myanmar to hear about their Creator

Pull up a banana leaf!

Remote jungle villagers hear about Jesus for the first time

Dear Friends,

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for making 2015 a wonderful year for the National Missionary Ministry—you enabled our brothers and sisters around the world to reach more with the gospel than ever before!

And 2016 is shaping up to be busier than ever. Let me tell you about some awesome ministry taking place in the remote villages of Myanmar (Burma).

Stephen Paing Bu is one of our frontline warriors for Jesus, and because of him, men and women in many villages are hearing about Jesus Christ for the very first time. Previously they were animists who worshiped spirits of nature. But now, as you’re reading this, they are encountering the Living God of the Bible and He’s radically transforming their lives.

With a makeshift baptistry in the middle of the jungle, new believers prepare to be baptized into Christ

Gifts to the National Missionary Ministry are enabling us to support indigenous evangelists—some of whom hike for many hours and even put their lives at risk—so that they can take the Good News into these villages.

Let’s do all we can to see many souls saved and discipled in 2016.

On their behalf,

Jody Walker
Director, National Missionary Ministry

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