Radical Love

picture of child in myanmar with uncle and aunt, after being taken out of orphanage
Sap Thang Puii is now living with her aunt and uncle and no longer living in an orphanage!

Radical Love

An opportunity to change the lives of millions of children!

Dear Friends,

You love children. That’s probably why you’re reading this right now. Well, it’s because of our God-given love for children that the Orphan’s Tear Ministry exists! We believe every child is unique and full of God-given potential, and we strive to protect vulnerable, impoverished children so that they can become all that He has intended for them to be.

If you’ve followed the Orphan’s Tear Ministry over the past few years, you’ve been watching our huge transition away from supporting orphanages to now helping children in orphanages return to their families, and to preventing children in families from being placed in orphanages.

To help tell our story, we’ve put together a short, 10-minute video that takes you along on our journey of change, and reveals the impact that institutions have on little lives, and it documents firsthand accounts from our staff in the field who are just as passionate about changing the lives of impoverished children as you are. You can watch the video, right now, by clicking on the image below…

still image of orphan's tear video - click to watch

Millions of children, all over the world, live in orphanages. And although there are many ministries that are dedicated to serving orphaned and impoverished children, too many, like Orphan’s Tear a few years ago, are not aware that there are better alternatives. How I wish that we could help all of those ministries realize that better alternative and work together towards placing children where they belong—in loving families.

Please help us spread the word! If you know other organizations, churches, and individuals who support children in orphanages, could you please, in a spirit of love for them and the children whom they impact, share this video with them?

Please don’t hesitate to do what you feel your heart is tugging you to do. The video is short, it’s free, and to share it all you have to do is copy and paste the picture above. We can also send you copies on DVD!

Just think—sharing this knowledge could lead to hundreds, even thousands, or even millions of children being placed in loving, caring families, exactly where their loving heavenly Father always intended for them to be. And honestly, it is probably one of the most effective things either you and I could do!

If you have any questions, would like to share a success story about spreading the word, or want some DVDs of the video, feel free to reach out to me. I really look forward to hearing from you!


signature of stephen servant, director of orphan's tear

Stephen Servant
Director, Orphan’s Tear Ministry

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