[You Made the] Rain, Rain Go Away…

10 Jun

[You Made the] Rain, Rain Go Away…

Picture of rain-proof brick classrooms
These rain-proof brick classrooms are about to replace the mud walls that once stood, enabling consistent class time for 60 students

[You Made the] Rain, Rain Go Away…

Heavy seasonal rains bring down a school, but not for long!

Dear Family,

“No school today!” For the school children of the Western world, snow days are generally a much-anticipated reprieve from studies and, during winter months, it is common to hear children talk excitedly about the days they’ve missed from school. But for students in the under-developed parts of the world, missing school is no joyful occasion. Especially for students in Kenya. Heavy rains there can last for days and take away valuable time for these children who have so little—and for whom education is the ladder to climb out of poverty.

You may remember back in January when I wrote to you of the increasing deterioration of quality in education for schools in underdeveloped nations—including schools that are supported by the Education Ministry. In our effort to strive for excellence and our passion for lifting children out of poverty and guiding them to discover their worth, I asked sponsors to increase their monthly gifts to assist in bringing about change for the humble institutions we serve.

The main problem faced by one particular school: their “building” was crudely constructed of mud brick (a cultural building style in rural areas) and absolutely cannot withstand the heavy seasonal rains that would wipe out their school’s walls, causing students to miss weeks of school until the classrooms were assembled back together.

But there is good news! Because of loving donors like you, who answered the call and increased their monthly giving, this school in Kenya has begun construction of 3 brick classrooms! Children will no longer miss school because of rainy days!

Picture of building project in Kenya being finished
I just wanted to remind you that this wouldn’t be happening without your support—thank you!

Thank you so much for giving 60 impoverished schoolchildren a much better chance at success through consistent school schedules.

On behalf of the children,

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Education Ministry

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