Really Good Soil

Picture of storehouse in ZimbabweThe storehouses of our farmers in Zimbabwe are filled thanks to you!

Really Good Soil

We know Farming God’s Way works, but this growth amazed even us!

Dear Family,

In Matthew 13:23, Jesus, when explaining the parable of the sower to His disciples, says that the seed sown in good soil yields a thirty-fold to a hundredfold return. Of course, He was talking about spiritual fruit.

But the Heaven’s Family’s Farming God’s Way (FGW) program has seen a literal thirty-fold return in Zimbabwe!

Joseph and Oni, faithful ministry partners in Zimbabwe, have reported that their FGW farmers harvested a minimum of 15 50-kilogram bags of corn. Previously, they were averaging 25 kilograms of corn from their farms. In other words, through the training you helped provide and the rains the Lord sent, the FGW farmers’ yield jumped from 25 to at least 750 kilograms—an increase of at least 30 times!

Can you imagine going from 25 to 750 kilograms in one season? That would be like someone with a $50,000-a-year job getting a raise to $1.5 million a year!

The Matanga family used to farm 10,000 square meters and harvested 75 to 100 kilograms of corn. This year they farmed 950 square meters and still harvested 800 kilograms. They now have enough to feed their family through the next harvest and some to sell. Due to their newfound wealth, the Matangas are also donating a 50-kilogram bag to take care of widows in their village. They are grateful to God and Heaven’s Family for introducing FGW to them.

Many families are now joining FGW because of success stories like this one. For every story you hear, there are a hundred more like them! Thank you for being good soil and producing great fruit in Zimbabwe.

Image of the director of the Farming God's Way Ministry

Jerry Jefferson
Director, Farming God’s Way Ministry

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