Refugee for Life

04 Nov

Bushra and her grandchildren enjoy their new heater

Refugee for Life

How does one endure a life of perpetual suffering?

Dear Friends,

When ISIS advanced into the Palestinian refugee camps within Syria, Bushra, a life-long refugee, had to flee once again to save the lives of her family.

They fled to an area of relative peace and safety still inside Syria. They would have preferred to find someplace further from the conflict and turmoil, but like most refugees and internally displace people (IDP), their options and resources are very scarce.

Providentially, Heaven’s Family has been working in their new “home,” providing food parcels for the most desperate. The church the Refugee Ministry has partnered with in the community where Bushra’s family now lives has helped them not only with the monthly food parcels, but also with a heater for the winter.

Bushra is a widow with two grown children and two grandchildren, all who live with her in a very cramped, damp, basement apartment that has no heat or running water.

They were very grateful for the heater, as it helps relieve Bushra’s rheumatoid arthritis and her granddaughter’s asthma.

Praise God for the opportunity to demonstrate God’s love to those who have suffered so much! Bushra and her family are now touched on a weekly basis with the message of a God who cares for them. Please pray for Bushra and her family.

Thank you for making this ministry possible to the many suffering IDPs still within Syria.


Becky Servant
Director, Refugee Ministry

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