Relief in the Nick of Time

09 Nov

Disaster relief food aid in IndiaGrateful families received lifesaving food aid in rural Indian villages

Relief in the Nick of Time

You’ve helped provide emergency food for poor Indian villages

Dear Family,

The helpless villagers watched in horror as their bountiful crops spoiled. The future never looked so fearful.

In the small village of Nisong, India, most people are farmers. Their crops were growing really well until the COVID-19 pandemic struck and all of India was placed under strict lockdown. The farmers were forced to watch their unharvested crops rot in the distant fields, as no one was permitted to work outside their home.

As a result, entire villages quickly ran out of food. Then they ran out of money to buy food.

Deepu’s family was already poor before the lockdown and struggling to survive. Once the pandemic hit and all her family members lost their jobs, they started eating only once a day … hoping they could outlast the pandemic.

But then, because of the remote location of their village, the local shops stopped receiving food to sell.

Starvation was all but certain. That is, until you helped send them a lifeline. Because of your investments in Heaven’s Family’s Disaster Relief Ministry, Deepu’s family, and 200 other very needy families in 5 remote villages, received emergency food packs.

One of those 200 families was Muslim. None of their Hindu neighbors would help them. You’ve helped the love of Christ shine into their lives.

Thank you for feeding the hungry and sharing the gospel with those in great need in India.

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Disaster Relief Ministry

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