Relief Comes to Malawi and Mozambique

22 May

Relief Comes to Malawi and Mozambique

Picture of damage done by hurricanes in Malawi
The flood waters have receded, but countless homes were destroyed when their mud-brick walls dissolved into the torrential waters, leaving only roof framing and debris

Relief Comes to Malawi and Mozambique

The rain has stopped, and now your help has been flooding in

Dear Family,

Will it stop??

That’s what I’ve been thinking in March and early April as 3 separate cyclones (hurricanes) pommeled the southeastern coast of Africa—particularly Mozambique and Malawi, two of the poorest countries on earth.

As I write there seems to be a respite. I hope it lasts. But many have lost everything—homes, food stores, crops, clothing, bedding, and kitchen tools—all washed away.

Thankfully, some of Heaven’s Family’s best partners are on the ground in Malawi, and another ventured to Mozambique from Uganda—an arduous 4-day drive with supplies—to help those most impacted. They’ve been busy on your behalf, showing the love of God to thousands.

Let me show you the impact you’ve made in photos and captions, below…

Picture of relief supplies given to hurricane victims
Above: From our partner about how you touched lives in Malawi: “Here are the more blankets we bought last week and we had a great work of reaching the affected orphans and school children. Testimonies are showing the great happiness and the sounds of praising the Lord are still sounding everywhere with great voice of praising and thanksgiving. People are experiencing the love of our Lord Jesus Christ and the message of salvation is spreading which is showing great results of many souls coming to the Lord.”

Picture of relief supplies given to hurricane victims

Picture of relief supplies given to hurricane victims
Above: Our partner reports many houses in the community were destroyed, but local fellowship groups of farmers who are learning to farm and help each other through regular discipleship meetings (shown above—read more about these groups at Heaven’s Family’s Farming God’s Way Ministry) “have given themselves the responsibility to work in their groups repairing their brothers and sisters houses. They reported the need for plastic sheets papers because the destroyed homes were roofed by grass [so] we bought the 10 bags of plastic sheets of 50 meters long each and presented to each leader for the work of repairing houses of their members….” We bought these plastic sheets from the funds you sent to protect them from the rain. This is not a permanent repair, but a cost-effective one that has helped hundreds get the immediate relief they needed. Please remember them in your prayers as they rebuild their roofs later this year.

Picture of relief supplies given to hurricane victims

Picture of relief supplies given to hurricane victims
Above: Mosquitos have been a huge problem due the deluge of water that has fallen from the 3 cyclones that have impacted this region in as many months. So some of your gifts to the Disaster Relief Ministry have purchased 100 mosquito nets (they are large enough to protect a few people at a time). These photos show just a few of the 500+ brothers and sisters you have blessed with your compassion. “God is answering our prayers,” they are saying.

Thanks so much for being there for our brothers and sisters in Africa BEFORE the needs arose. The season for natural disasters is fast approaching, so if you’d like to “position your help in full readiness” for the next disaster, please click here.

All for Jesus,

Jeff Trotter
Director, Disaster Relief Ministry

Special Opportunity: This July, meet Jeff Trotter in person and hear an exclusive report of how God is meeting the needs of disaster victims through your support of the Disaster Relief Ministry!

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