Relief Pours In

One family who is very grateful that they have a heavenly family who cares about them!

Relief Pours In

Quick emergency response to recent super-floods in Myanmar help many

Dear Friends,

“Daddy, I’m happy that we will have rice in our dinner today.” Those were the words of a little boy who lives in a flood-ravaged village in Myanmar after receiving emergency rice from Heaven’s Family. And for people who eat rice as the primary staple of every meal, that’s tantamount to him saying he’s happy to have air to breathe!

Heaven’s Family responded to flooding that was the “worst in recorded history” for that part of the country within hours of the news, and many of you responded by compassionately giving to the Disaster Relief Fund. Contributions to the Safe Water Fund and the UK division of Heaven’s Family were also sent.

The need is immense, and we’ll be continuing to help hard-hit remote villages as God provides the means to do so. But I thought you’d like to see some photos of what’s been done so far (I know you’ll be encouraged!) to remind you that God is using you—even half a world away.

Reaching needy families is not easy…

Some villagers could only be supplied by foot

Testing the limits of vehicles to reach remote villages

Helping some of the multitudes whose lives—and in many cases homes—have been turned upside-down

…But many are rejoicing to know that God’s people care!

Although most homes are already built on stilts to keep them above normal seasonal flood waters, many were not high enough to protect them from this year’s “worst in recorded history” flooding. Although this family’s home survived, many like them had their crops destroyed, possessions stored under their homes washed away, and source of safe drinking water lost.

Safe drinking water…a precious commodity worth getting muddy for!

These are rolls of heavy plastic sheeting that will provide temporary shelter for dozens of families

Even those who don’t know Him (yet) were blessed

Mawi-a, a key Heaven’s Family partner who has been instrumental in reaching remote flood-affected villages with relief aid, explains to several families that the food and other emergency supplies they were about to receive came from generous followers of Jesus around the world—that includes YOU! These families had lost their homes or they were still submerged, forcing them to find temporary shelter in this rural Buddhist monastery (notice the monk seated at right by the doorway). Disasters are wonderful opportunities to show the love of God to those who do not yet know Him, so Mawi-a made sure the monks living there were blessed by Heaven’s Family too (inset)!

Thanks so much for making a difference on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Christ in Myanmar (and for reaching many with the gospel for the first time!). If you’d like to give again or for the first time to help the many more who are still yet to be reached with emergency relief, please click the button below.

Because of Him,

Jeff Trotter
Director, Disaster Relief Fund


These two were very excited about receiving a bowl with corn, soap and laundry detergent (maybe there was candy underneath?)

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