Looking back to see how your faithfulness has blessed many

Dear Family,

God told the Israelites to frequently take time to recall His great works and His faithfulness. When I do so I’m immediately overwhelmed by the goodness of God—that’s how I feel when I think back over the past 10 years of building relationships with dear saints who live in the Moula ali leprosy colony near Hyderabad, India. Will you reminisce with me in words and pictures? After all, many of you have been along for the “ride” some or all of those years, and you have shared a vital part in this ministry to those who are truly the “least of these.”

Over the years I’ve witnessed many changes in the lives of these precious families—from joyous births to the aging and loss of many of my favorite patients. You’ve made it possible to improve their lives and give them hope by providing them with better food, medical care, and many simple acts that made them feel the love of God.

Leprosy ministry photo collage

Leprosy ministry photo collage

Leprosy ministry photo collage

Leprosy ministry photo collage

As a result of these faithful ministrations, the health and well-being of these precious human beings have improved, and their spiritual condition has flourished with a steady diet of the gospel, building on the “shoulders” of many missionaries who have come before.

Gentle souls like Eliah, though wizened and twisted in body by his disease, could pray and praise God like few believers I have ever met. I was very sad (for myself) the day I learned of his departure to be with the Lord, but deeply happy to know that he now has a glorified body and is basking in the presence of His maker, who never intended that he should be so physically cursed or rejected by the society into which he was born.

A lady I dearly love, Katun, may not have many more years in this life. The ravages of her disease deepen their toll on her diminishing frame with each passing year. But she never fails to greet me with a glowing smile and a complete lack of self-pity.

Even as the more aged patients pass on, new generations of leprosy-free mothers and fathers are bringing healthy babies into the colony, and their children are growing up attending good schools through the sponsorships you help the Leprosy Ministry provide. Their education is equipping them to find worthy work and new homes outside of their leprosy community (though many are remaining to take care of their leprosy-affected parents and grandparents). I am especially proud of all the young people who have studied to become nurses and medical professionals in order to use their skills in the clinics we hold throughout the year in 20 different colonies.

I’ll leave the rest of my reminiscing to the photos I’ve included. I wish you could know all these wonderful people personally, but I hope seeing their faces, looking into their eyes, and enjoying their warm smiles will bless you!

This is very gratifying work that you have made possible through your generous contributions. We are indeed linked in a partnership that is providing a future and a hope for generations to come. Thank you from this very grateful heart.

Together with Him,

Carole Collins

Director, Leprosy Ministry

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