Rescued from the brink

Image of boy in Guatemala with medical need smilingThank you for helping Kevin’s smile not fade away

Rescued from the brink

His mother wouldn’t care for this fragile child, but you did!

Dear Family,

Our ministry partner in Guatemala found Kevin lying alone at home crying, with a leaky diaper and soaking wet clothes. He suffers from severe cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia and was very malnourished. His family often left him alone during the day. The scars on his lungs suggest that they may even have tried to kill him with dangerous chemicals to relieve themselves of the burden of feeding him.

Kevin’s mother eventually gave him up for adoption, and he is now being cared for by our ministry partner. Kevin has come a long way. He has recovered from a respiratory infection and has put on weight after receiving regular feeding. His smile lights up every room he enters. But he still suffered from aspiration, causing food to get into his lungs when he eats.

Thanks to you, Kevin was able to get surgery to fix his aspiration problem!

Thank you so much for putting a smile on Kevin’s face through Heaven’s Family’s Critical Medical Need Ministry.

Image of the director of the Critical Medical Needs Ministry

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Critical Medical Needs Ministry

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