Respite for Rispah

01 May

Rispah sitting with her crutches
Rispah Olesi with her crutches and leg brace in February

Dear Friends,

Rispah Olesi is from Meseno, Kenya. She was born with polio. The metal brace she must wear on her leg makes it possible for her to walk, but with great difficulty. Worse, Rispah is often ridiculed by neighbors and family, because in her culture many believe that those with disabilities are cursed.

Although she grew accustomed to verbal abuse as she grew up, Rispah was not prepared for what happened to her 15 years ago. One of her tormentors raped her. Rispah found herself pregnant.

Looking back now, Rispah acknowledges God’s grace at work in her life to help her overcome her trauma, and she thanks God for her son, John, now a young man and a great blessing to her.

Thanks to your kindness, Rispah has recently received another blessing. After years of moving slowly and painfully with the aid of crutches, she is now zooming along on her very own hand-powered tricycle provided by Heaven’s Family. With her increased mobility, she no longer has to depend on others for her care. She is now able to transport herself to places where she can do small jobs to support herself and her son. Praise God!

Rispah smiling as she rides her new tricycle
Rispah with her new tricycle

In Christ,

CJ McDaniel
Director, Christians with Disabilities Fund

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