Reverse Missiology

Picture of evangelist sharing a Bible with refugee

Reverse Missiology

How you helped provide tools for refugee evangelism

Dear Family,

Nine years ago theology students came from India to study in America. Soon they discovered 30,000 refugees from Bhutan lived in their city, and began an outreach to these displaced and spiritually hungry people. Eventually, 50 house churches were born from that effort.

I’ve seen a similar movement overseas: New converts to King Jesus began to naturally evangelize their relatives living in the US, resulting in 6 other major cities with new house-church movements among Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist refugees—God is at work!

Some of those trained disciple makers have, in turn, returned as missionaries to their home countries. God is an amazing strategic missiologist. If we will not “go” to the lost, He will bring them to our neighborhood and they will teach us to become missionaries. I call it reverse missiology.

Recently you helped give this growing movement of disciples in Christ the Bibles and other resources they need to evangelize the millions of refugees who have streamed into the US in recent years.

God’s plan is brilliant. He gets the message of the gospel around obstacles like communism, radical religions, economic hardships, language barriers and every other hinderance because Jesus loves people—especially those who have never heard.

You are a partner in this movement, and have provided full study Bibles to these refugee house churches in our own backyard through Heaven’s Family’s Strategic Bibles Ministry.

Thank you for giving the Word of God to the hungry!

David Promise
Director, Strategic Bibles Ministry

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