Rice, Rice, Rice!

Kya Hah Sae and Kya Aye helping to sift through the rice.

The rice is ready to harvest at Grace Orphanage’s rice fields! Orphan’s Tear purchased a rice field for their orphanage several years ago to help them receive a steady, economical supply of rice. Rice is the staple food of the Southeast Asian diet, and having their own field is a wonderful blessing. Along with some greens and a few other foods, they eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner—everyday. In the USA, each person consumes an average of about 20 pounds of rice a year. In Myanmar, however, each person consumes about 500 pounds each year!

Here is what the orphanage director said about their rice harvest:

Our kids work in dividing rice and its chaff. We hire a truck and our kids work loading and unloading bags of rice. Our smaller kids can’t lift bag of rice but they love trying it ask me to take their photos lifting bags of rice.

Laboring for fruitfulness,

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

Yan Aung and Kya Taw Sae try their best to carry a bag of rice

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