Riding High

Beto (in front) with his brother Edgar having fun on a donkey at The Village

Riding High

A testimony from a young boy who once lived on the mean streets of Mexico

Dear Friends,

I suppose having a tender heart is part of the job description for the director of Orphan’s Tear. But sometimes I feel that my heart exceeds the tenderness requirements! That possibility entered my mind as my eyes teared up reading a letter I recently received from a little boy in Mexico called Beto (translated by our dear friend and ministry partner Nicole Fitzpatrick). I hope Beto’s words touch your heart as well…

Hello, my name is Albert Puyicatla Hernandez. I am 8 years old and I have 3 brothers. 2 of them live here with me at The Village and 1 lives with my grandparents in Chicahuaxtla. I have lived here for going on 2 years. Before I lived here, I had never gone to school and could not read or write. My mama could not send us because my dad had abandoned us all and my grandparents do not have any money.

When I lived in our small town, I was always in the streets with my brothers and cousins. They smoked marijuana and would force us to smoke it, too. They would blow smoke into my little brother’s face until he was real high. We’d leave our shack early in the morning and would be like vagabonds in the streets, looking for food to eat and things to steal.

But some brothers from The Village would come once a week preaching in our town and one day they came to my grandmother’s home to preach the Gospel and that’s how my brothers and I learned about [a place where they would take care of us]. When my mother came home one weekend (she works far away in the city) she took 3 of us to The Village. I love living here because they take very good care of us. Now I am studying and I love Jesus. My teacher’s name is Andrea and our school room is very pretty. I am happy.

Thank you for helping Mama Nicole take care of us every day. Thank you for sending us money for food, school, clothes, and everything else you are always doing. We are all very thankful for Orphan’s Tear.

Love, Beto

I’m so thankful that God is in the redemption business and that we get to be stockholders! The dividends are absolutely heavenly!

Elisabeth Walker
Director of Orphan’s Tear

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