RISING STAR Morning milk: When we arrived at Rising Star School, it was not long before the teachers lined up the children to give everyone a cup of milk, provided by Heaven’s Family’s Food Ministry. This little girl, like the majority of her peers, would not be attending any school if not for Rising Star Another child who is being helped by Rising Star This is the Rising Star “kitchen,” a pot of beans cooked over an open fire, which was the day’s lunch for all the students, courtesy of Heaven’s Family’s Food Ministry Lunch of beans and rice about to be served Before they eat with their hands, children line up to wash their hands first A happy lunch eater More lunch eaters Yet another lunch eater Class in session…but no desks or chairs We followed this mother and son (a Rising Star student) about a mile to visit their house (see next photo) And here they are, standing in front of their humble home, typical of most homes where students and families live Their house interior, with a dirt floor Another nearby home. This grandmother cares for a number of children whose parents died of HIV

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