Safe Water in Rwanda

16 Oct

Safe Water in Rwanda

Dear Friends,

The testimonies below, from Rwanda, summarize the wonderful effect that our biosand filters are having to improve the lives of our poor brethren overseas. The demand for these filters is so great that I am devoting as much time as I can to training new teams in several nations to provide this biosand filter technology. I am so grateful for those who are partnering with us as we continue to serve the Lord and His people. So please enjoy reading some of the fruit of our labor together. God bless you!

Gakusi Innocent

From Gakusi Innocent:

“I am so grateful to the generous people who thought about us and assisted us in giving us filters. In this area we found the problem of water since we were born. We were just wondering when and how this situation would come to end. Our children were dying very often and we always believed they were given poison. But since January this year after I received a filter I didn’t pay any more visit to the hospital. Myself, my wife and our children are in good health since then. I was spending about 12,000 FRW (11 USD) each month at the hospital. And now I have used this money to buy a she goat which is going to produce and help me in the daily needs. Now I’m very happy for the good health of my family.”

clean water Rwanda
Uwase Josiane

From Uwase Josiane:

“I am so grateful that since I got a biosand filter my family’s health improved so much. We had never had the privilege to get safe drinking water. Now my children are no longer frequently like they used to be. Every month I was taking them to the Health Center either for diarrhea or other diseases related to unclean water. Myself I was frequently suffering from abdominal pain but now I have none. And due to that situation of frequent visits to the doctor, poverty was becoming so severe in my house. We thank the servants of God who thought about us. May the Lord bless their source of income so that other people who are having the same problem I was going through may also be reached and receive a filter because it has been a great answer for us. May God bless you abundantly.”

Thanks once again on behalf of the families of Innocent and Uwase, and the many other families like them who are benefitting from your compassion.

In Christ,

Chuck King

Safe Water Fund Director

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