The Salvation Seed Smugglers

06 Aug

Picture of seed being planted
I never imagined “smuggler” would be added to my resume

The Salvation Seed Smugglers

David’s 3rd trip blog from North Korea

Dear Family,

During my final days in South Korea, along the North Korean border, the Lord pushed me out of my comfort zone and into a role I never imagined—smuggler!

After 44 years of mission work in South Korea, Tim (our Heaven’s Family partner) has become somewhat of an expert at avoiding confrontation and bypassing authorities on his covert trips into North Korea. Tim’s many years of service and dedication have garnered the trust and connections needed to form an “underground railroad” for the persecuted church. This network of like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ provides aid, protection, and rescue to believers seeking to escape North Korean oppression. Through this network an arduous, circuitous route through regional countries has formed, leading ultimately to resettlement in free South Korea.

To meet with Tim, I had to make my way through a maze of subway lines underneath the massive city of Seoul until I reached a tiny storefront. This particular location has served as an art gallery in the past, and so a group of people meeting here doesn’t risk appearing out of the ordinary. Joining us were a hodgepodge of courageous locals and internationals, including a human rights activist from the US, a missionary intern from Honduras, and a few youth volunteers from South Korea with one common interest—to rescue people from the inhumane suffering caused by the North Korean regime.

There are channels through which Tim and his team assist our brothers and sisters, such as covert food and gospel literature distributions, safe houses for escapees, and community support groups for those who successfully relocate to South Korea.

This evening, however, I joined them in packing garden seeds that, once successfully distributed, would be used in planting secret gardens that could provide a sustainable food source for starving families. As I worked, I prayed God would bless our humble efforts and protect those who would be smuggling the seeds. But I had no idea how quickly God planned on answering my prayer… In a quiet and unassuming way, Tim looked at my work and then politely asked if I would be those hands to bring the seeds to those in need!

The next stop on my journey took me to another secret operation in South Korea where, alongside a crew of missionaries, we smuggled 25 lbs. of radish, cabbage and spinach seeds into North Korea. Thank the Lord I wasn’t caught and deported back to the US! We passed customs without any problems and I’m trusting those seeds are beginning to grow (both physically and spiritually)!

Family, your financial and prayer partnership with the Persecuted Christians Ministry made these efforts possible. It was a massive encouragement for me to see God’s faithfulness in reaching those living in darkness—I pray you have enjoyed reading my trip blogs (but if you missed the first, click here, or the second, here). And wherever doors may have been shut, I pray many more are now opening. More than ever we need YOU to help spread the light of the gospel into one of the last unreached places in the world. If you are as excited as I am, why not get involved today?

Here are some great ways you can help:

Support a family of believers in North Korea for $25 (provides a month of supplemental aid)

Provide a believer with a 30-day undercover discipleship training for $100

Rescue a North Korean believer on the run for $1,000 (transportation and refugee processing in South Korea)

Thank you for following my journey and allowing me to provide hope where it’s most desperately needed!

God bless you,

David Promise
Director of Ministry Partnerships, Persecuted Christians Ministry


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