Salvation Under the Corn

18 Dec

A common sight in rural Burmese homes—shucked corn hung from the rafters (or walls or in piles on the floor) to dry, enabling it to last longer.

Dear Friends,

Last month, Heaven’s Family-supported national missionary Lydia led a team of twelve young evangelists to Nam Sam District in Shan State, Myanmar with one goal—to reach the Yin Net people, one of the most unreached tribal peoples in Shan State. About 98% of the Yin Net are animists, meaning that they worship many spirits of nature.

Concealed deep within the mountains of Shan State, many villages remain unreached with the gospel, worshipping the spirits of nature

Lydia and her team journeyed far to bring the Yin Net people—spread throughout many villages—the message of a different Spirit. They did this by sharing the gospel door-to-door by day, and conducting Bible studies and new-believer discipleship meetings by night. Due to high illiteracy rates among the Yin Net villagers, Lydia’s team had to communicate everything orally, as most were unable to read gospel tracts or Bibles.

Two fruitful harvests: corn and new believers in Christ! Lydia (standing, in the yellow shirt) found lots of fertile soil for the gospel.

Throughout their week-long effort, many villagers repented of their sins and put their faith in Jesus Christ, recognizing Him as their Creator, Savior and Lord. As evidence of their new births, many villagers destroyed the “spirit houses” in their homes.

A household god in one villager’s home. The idols are elevated and/or in special places in the house, believing that they will protect everyone who lives there. Each family feels a daily obligation to offer food, water and fresh flowers to keep their god happy.

Sharing the Good News with another household. They were all ears (that’s corny, I know).

The outreach team leading worship for some of the new believers

Though Lydia and her team have since returned to their home base—a small missionary training center in the city of Taunggyi—they’re praying daily for the many villagers they met, as well as those that they have yet to reach, praising the Lord for the incredible harvest they witnessed because of their obedience to “go.” Let’s stand with Lydia and her team in prayer.

This is a harvest in which we all are participating. Your partnership enables these young missionaries to take the Good News to the multitudes perishing without Christ. Indeed, how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!

Yours for the Kingdom,

Jody Walter
Director, National Missionary Fund

Lydia’s gospel gang hitting the road—a spiritual force to be reckoned with!

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