Samuel is a “Shoe-in”

05 Oct

Samuel is a “Shoe-in”

Image of Samuel learning shoemakingSamuel developing his shoemaking skills because of you

Samuel is a “Shoe-in”

A dedicated young man with epilepsy finds a career in Kenya

Dear Family,

When Samuel was 12, he fell into a water tank, injuring his brain. The injury resulted in epilepsy, preventing him from finishing school.

Now, Samuel is 22 years old and desires to become self-supporting. He had an interest in becoming a shoemaker, but his family lives in poverty and couldn’t afford to send him to trade school. Thanks to you, though, Samuel is now on medication that is keeping him seizure-free, and he is well on his way to becoming a shoemaker! He is attending a trade school and is excited to have the opportunity to provide for himself in the future!

Thank you for enabling this hard-working young man to develop a fulfilling, valuable skill through investments in Heaven’s Family’s Disabilities Ministry.

Image of the director of the Disabilities Ministry

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Disabilities Ministry

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