Saving Lives with a Sewing Machine

14 Oct

Saving Lives with a Sewing Machine

Gui Lan, ready to sew

Dear Friends,

Gui Lan has a special ministry among those, like her, who suffer the debilitating effects of leprosy. She uses her sewing skills and a rugged, foot-operated sewing machine provided by Heaven’s Family to take care of the general sewing needs of her fellow village members, who live exiled from the world, tucked out of sight, high up in the mountains of Yunnan Province, China.

This precious lady also sews sock-like bandages to protect the badly ulcerated feet of her fellow patients. Because this ravaging disease destroys the nerve endings of the body’s appendages, eyelids, and nasal passages in particular, people like Mr. Wang (below) cannot feel the wounded areas they need to protect most.

Mr. Wang receiving dressing to protect his foot

Gui Lan works hard to keep Mr. Wang and others like him protected with the tailor-made socks and other specialized bandages to insulate their wounds from further infection and injury. These small improvements can save the lives of those suffering leprosy, an affliction most of us find hard to imagine.

Thank you, Heaven’s Family friends, for bringing some relief to our brothers and sisters in China through something as simple as a sewing machine. It brings smiles to their faces and joy to their hearts to know you care for them from so far away.

Thankful for your love,

Carole J. Collins
Director, Leprosy Ministry Fund

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