On the See-Saw of Love

18 Apr

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Child in poverty holding his brother and smiling
Regardless of seemingly difficult circumstances, nothing brings a smile like brotherly love

On the See-Saw of Love

Carmen’s 1st blog from East Africa

Dear Family,

As I set out for a couple weeks in Kenya and Uganda I realize it has been 16 months since my last journey to East Africa. Not certain why that is…it’s a long flight, not fond of diarrhea and scabies, I miss my wife too much? Possibly, but most likely it’s the fact that it is easier to avoid the reality of hardship a big chunk of the world struggles with daily. Stuff I take for granted without concern. I live in a comfortable home, water on demand, no worries in regard to my next meal, and manage every night to find a bed to climb into. On trips to impoverished areas I try to keep my emotions balanced on a see-saw: empowerment and motivation to effect change on one side, and plunging into despair on the other. For me it’s a good place to be.

The primary purpose of my travel is to spend time building my relationships with the many dedicated partners of the Disabilities Ministry—the feet on the ground selflessly committing their lives to assisting the disabled. These guys are God’s hands and feet assisting the “least of these” while spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. As director it is my responsibility to ascertain your donations are being used as intended, and ensuring we are getting the biggest bang for the buck. I also will be introduced to many disabled individuals struggling to survive along the fringes of society. Each case must be evaluated for the best option with resources available.

I believe everyone can make a difference in the life of another. Every prayer, every dollar, every hour of service.That’s how I rationalize the disparity in existence as I travel into some of the most impoverished areas of the globe. Our Creator made the universe with enough resources; He tasked us with dividing them up fairly. We must continually strive to achieve a positive impact with every individual we are privileged to encounter.

We are not going to eradicate poverty, hunger or pain. We simply do the best we can with what we have been given. Working to ease the burden of those suffering disabilities every way possible within our means.

Because of Him,

Carmen Parise
Director, Disabilities Ministry

Parting Shot…

Picture of B747 airplane
After 33 years as an airline pilot I had to start off with one airplane picture. This guy is decades old but I absolutely love the B747. There is one roundtrip a day out of Amsterdam to Nairobi on this beast and I love when I’m on it. I hope KLM keeps them around a while longer.

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