Seeing Straight for the First Time!

24 Apr

Seeing Straight for the First Time!

Zar smiling

Thu Zar Win’s first ten years of life have been difficult. Her father died of AIDS in 2005, followed by her mother in 2006. Then she and her younger sister Cherry Win were taken to Love Children’s Home by their neighbors. To make matters worse, Win had vision problems due to a muscle defect in her left eye that caused it to turn inwards.

That was one problem, at least, that we could help do something about.

Last December, Win traveled a long way from her home to start a 21-day treatment that included surgery to restore her vision to normal. Children with this problem who live in developed countries undergo this treatment much earlier, increasing the likelihood that the correction will be successful. If not treated early, the brain has a much more difficult task adjusting to the corrective surgery.

After Win’s surgery, we held our breath as we waited to see the results of the procedure…and were thrilled to see that it worked!

Her brain is still struggling to adjust to seeing properly through eyes that are now straight, and she has to practice using her eyes together, instead of relying on her dominant eye as most of us do. Please pray that she will experience a 100% complete adjustment!

When I recently saw Win she was noticeably happier and more outgoing, so we’re excited to see the many ways that she is benefitting from the precious gift that we were able to give her—all because of the wonderful gifts of people like you.

On behalf of Win, thank you.

Philip Barker
Director, Orphan’s Tear UK division

Wing laying in bed with bandages on her eyes
Win before her surgery, and resting afterward

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