Selling Bibles to Muslims

18 Nov

Nafees, at right, transacting a Bible deal

Selling Bibles to Muslims

Using marketplace strategies to spread the gospel

Dear Friends,

Nafees is an evangelist in Punjab, Pakistan. One of the ways he reaches out to Muslims is by selling the Muslim Outreach Bible (a New Testament). Bibles are typically destroyed by zealous Muslims, but this version is “camouflaged” with a gold-leafed cover and flowery text to resemble Islamic holy books, without compromising the truth.

Here is a testimony I received from Nafees…

At the start and end of every school year, different book selling companies and local book stores organize a book fair for the students and book readers. The book fair takes place in the Public Park and lasts for four days. In this fair all kind of school and college textbooks, cultural books, folk books, history books and religious books can be found.

I went to the book fair to see if I could sell some [Muslim Outreach] Bibles. (We cannot give them away for free, because it makes the Muslims think it has no value, and they doubt its authenticity.) I stopped at one book stall that was selling Islamic books. As I was looking at the books, the bookstall keeper asked if I needed any help. I asked him if he had the Injil Sharif of Isa [“New Testament of Jesus,” the name of the Bibles I sell]. He said; “No we don’t have it,” but his employee who was helping him said that yesterday there was another customer asking for it. I asked them if they would be willing to sell the Injil Sharif if I supplied them with some copies, and they said, “Yes we will!”

The next day [after I gave them copies to sell] I visited them, and they told me they had sold 5 copies of the book, and now they needed 10 more! I asked them who bought these books, and they told me some students and teachers.

Nafees’s face is pixilated to protect his identity

Nafees stamps his contact information inside the cover of each Bible he sells. We are praying now that the students and teachers will contact him so that he can share with them more about Jesus!

Thanks for your gifts to the Strategic Bibles Ministry that made this outreach possible.


Peter Wray
Director, Strategic Bibles Ministry

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