Sex for Food

NOTE: This blog update is inappropriate to be read by children.

A young mother with her 3 children, each from a different customer

Sex for Food

What would you do to survive?

Dear Friends,

The Food Fund helps people who are desperate. Desperation can creep stealthily in, such as during a prolonged drought, come crashing in as a result of a flood, earthquake, typhoon or war, or infect generations due to endemic poverty. It also comes at the hands of evil men and women who steal the innocence of children to profit from their bodies in the modern, worldwide slave market for sex and labor.

Nicole, a Heaven’s Family missionary, works slave-like hours to help rescue these helpless victims, assisted by contributions to Heaven’s Family’s Human Trafficking/Slavery Fund. And when she successfully frees some—many times after prolonged legal efforts made more difficult by corrupt government officials—these victims have many needs, including nutritious food to restore their often-compromised health.

Nicole shared these words about a poor mother she recently met on the street who had been regularly renting her children—the youngest just turned 2—to pedophiles to earn enough so they all could eat:

Her story is like so many others—desperately poor to begin with, they are easily deceived and then raped, sold, and become pregnant…over and over again. You see, prostitution is usually not a choice to live an immoral lifestyle—it’s the only way they can eat. This young mother and her 3 babies now live with us.

The Food Fund is helping to protect these children from further abuse by providing them with the food they desperately need.

And in March, Nicole and her team successfully rescued 11-year-old Ana from a sexually abusive step-father who is a known pedophile and trafficker. Ana is now living and thriving at the safe house Nicole has established, also with the help of the Human Trafficking/Slavery Fund, but she suffers emotional and physical trauma. Generous amounts of patient love and healthy food from Nicole and her staff have begun to restore Ana to health.

At right, Ana enjoys a meal with some of her new friends

Ana, at right, with Mari, another girl who has been rescued from trafficking

The Food Fund is not only helping those Nicole and her team have rescued from trafficking, like Ana and the family above, but it’s also helping to prevent the unwanted and destitute that they encounter daily from having to prostitute themselves just to eat. And the best part is that, once those who were desperate for food to nourish their bodies are fed, they then become receptive to hearing Good News about the Bread of Heaven that can nourish their spirits and give them eternal life!

Thank you for providing nourishing meals to these rescued ones on behalf of Nicole and her team as they carry out this difficult, but worthy work of restoring lost souls in Jesus’ name.


Diane Scott
Director, Food Fund

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