Shaheem’s Next Step

Brother Shaheem at Bible School in India

In last December’s issue of Heaven’s Family magazine, I shared the incredible conversion story of a Muslim scholar and Imam whom we called Shaheem. Through our Muslim-Background Believers Fund (now merged with our Persecuted Christians Fund, we not only played a part in Shaheem’s conversion to Christ, but we’ve had the privilege of helping him attend Bible school as he prepares for a future ministry that will potentially influence multitudes of Muslims for Christ.

I’m happy to report that brother Shaheem has completed his first quarter at the Bible school, not only as a student—but also as a teacher. His extensive knowledge of Islam proved to be of great value to fellow Bible students and staff alike.

Shaheem can speak English—the language of learning at his present school—but he is not fluent. His teachers therefore, although regretting the loss of such a resource, advised Shaheem to transfer to a school where Arabic is spoken. They ultimately recommended a Bible school in Bethlehem…yes, the birthplace of Jesus. There Shaheem will have greater potential to learn from instructors who converse and teach in his language.

Thank you for your gifts to the Persecuted Christians Fund, which are enabling Shaheem to pursue God’s plan for his life.

In Him,

David Warnock
Director, Persecuted Christians Fund

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