She had to tie up her children!

28 Oct

Image of mom who was rescued from sex workThandar Oo preparing a meal in her home

She had to tie up her children!

But now, Thandar Oo is a slave to Christ, not to sex work

Dear Family,

Thandar Oo’s belly lurched with hunger as she held the feet of her children in place. One foot at a time, her fingers coiled rope around little ankles to secure them to the bamboo floor of her tiny hut. It was her only way to make sure her three children didn’t run off while she “worked.”

Tangled emotions tied knots in Thandar Oo’s heart. She felt riveted to a life of poverty with no way out. “How can I keep them alive??”

Widowed, alone, and also responsible for her sister and her blind mother, Thandar Oo starved herself for days at a time to have more food for her babies. Yet in spite of her sacrifice, they still bore the marks of malnutrition. Thandar did the only thing she knew to provide food for her children: she offered her body as a sex worker. What was worse, she wondered—to “serve” men she didn’t even know, or those she saw each day?

And would she ever find a way out of this horrific life?

Yes, she would! Thandar Oo’s desperate situation in the slums of Myanmar spurred our partners to immediate action when they discovered her and her family. Because of you, the light of Christ has dawned in the darkness for Thandar Oo and for the children she loves! You are providing food every single day, but best of all, Thandar and her family have found freedom in Christ. Sunday morning services and cell group meetings have changed her landscape forever, and Thandar Oo is becoming free from what seemed like indelible trauma. She now believes that God is faithful and answers her when she cries out to Him!

Thank you for your continued love and care for Thandar Oo and the many women we serve together through the Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry of Heaven’s Family!

Image of the directors of the Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry

Burt and Patty Forney
Directors, Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry

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