Shoes for Leprosy Patients

20 Jan

Shoes for Leprosy Patients

Dear Friends,

In November, the Compassion Club gave $5,620 to the Leprosy Ministry to provide 964 pairs of special shoes to leprosy patients in India.

Specifically made with leprosy patients in mind, these shoes use materials less likely to cause injury to their ulcer-prone feet, and use velcro rather than laces to make them easier to put on and take off. One additional bonus is that they are designed to be “fashionable” in India—in other words, less identifiable as “leprosy” shoes by others. All the recipients were so proud and thankful for this gift of new shoes!

Carole Collins, director of the Leprosy Ministry, hand delivered almost 100 pairs of these shoes during her recent trip to India. Here’s a short video taken during that special event:

Thanks to all of the Compassion Club members for caring for the “least of these” who are often overlooked in God’s family.

Every blessing,

David Servant
Director, Heaven’s Family

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