Should I sell my children?

Picture of a family form the slums in Myanmar
One of the families in the slums of Myanmar who were at high risk of human trafficking schemes … which you helped thwart!

Should I sell my children?

How you’ve helped a mother overcome that horror

Dear Family,

If there was no food in our refrigerator—let alone our entire community—how desperate would we get? We can’t say for sure. But we pray to God we’d never be so utterly desperate that selling our children seemed like our best option for everyone’s survival.

Recently, under COVID-19 lockdowns, a desperate mother in Myanmar began to ponder whether her children would have a better chance of survival if she sold them to human traffickers. This is true desperation. Every other option seemingly ends in slow, painful starvation. No mother wants to see that.

THANK GOD, you helped us intervene. Because of your gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry, these children will NOT be sold into slavery.

Our partner who works in one of the poorest areas of Myanmar knows the community well and can accurately assess where the greatest needs are. When this mother described her predicament and explained how traffickers had offered her large amounts of money and promised bright futures for her children, our partner knew how to intervene. That mother’s desperate prayers have been answered—thank you for helping make that happen!

Sadly, this isn’t an isolated instance. All over the globe, the poorest of the poor are becoming increasingly more desperate, and the traffickers are waiting like vultures to prey upon them with empty promises of a better life for their children.

Recently, in a span of just 3 months, you helped provide 45,738 meals to those who were at risk of being trafficked or have been rescued from traffickers!


Burt and Patty Forney
Directors, Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry

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