Poverty – Six Biblical Keys to Release [PDF]

21 Sep

Poverty – Six Biblical Keys to Release [PDF]

Photo of chains breaking - from article on breaking the chains of poverty - brought to you by the Farming God's Way Ministry of Heaven's Family

Six Biblical Keys to Release from the Yoke of Poverty

An article written by Grant Dryden and edited by Dick Samuels

There are six biblical keys to understanding why Africa is hopelessly bound under the yoke of poverty, and how to break that yoke. The Holy Bible is the ultimate source of the truths that govern our lives, and it reveals God’s solutions for breaking the yoke of poverty in Africa and elsewhere. The Bible clearly shows that the yoke of poverty is first and foremost a spiritual yoke. If we deal with Africa’s poverty as merely a technical, educational, or governance problem, we are only dealing with the symptoms, and not the root cause. Symptomatic treatment of Africa’s poverty will never break the yoke and set the people free from poverty. Unfortunately, biblical truth is not acceptable to many people. I trust that you are open to hear and receive what the Bible tells us about this most critical matter.

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    Thank you. Amazing teaching. Praise the Lord !

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