Picture of COVID relief supplies being distributed in Kenya
Sammy (at right) distributing urgent COVID supplies to desperate families in need

Slum Hero

Sustaining life through the pandemic in a Kenyan slum

Dear Family,

Each month I am in awe of all who give in the name of Jesus. I praise God for His faithfulness and for your steadfast prayers and support of Heaven’s Family’s Education Ministry. Thank you!

I also praise God for our boots-on-the-ground ministry partners—dedicated servants like Sammy who are loving others well in the name of Jesus! Sammy faithfully serves as the director of Caso Upendo, fondly referred to as Sammy’s School—a Christian elementary school located in the Mathare Valley slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mathare has approximately 600,000 people living in a 3-square-mile area. Houses are typically 6 by 8 feet and made of scraps of corrugated tin and mud. There is no electricity and no clean water to drink. People there live on an income of less than a dollar a day.

As you can imagine, when a global pandemic hits a place as impoverished and precarious as Mathare, the effects are immediate and devastating. People panic, become hopeless, and are gripped with fear. Not Sammy. He sprang into action. Here is the report he sent me in March:

This month is a bit tricky, in that it caught us by surprise due to the speedy spread of corona virus. We are not settled at all for the orphans and destitute that we feed and counsel. The little we have, we used to make a small store for food. It is not enough, but to us it is a success during such a period of epidemic and stress.

We provide food to the teachers and cook for the children. I pray together with the groups of teachers and children … to keep the faith.

The immediate challenge is how to maintain the orphan children who stay with us and to give hope to the hopeless through the gospel of Christ. This is now the time of prayer for the mercies of the LORD. Let’s pray for one another and have faith that soon it will be over. God bless Heaven’s Family.

Thankfully, Sammy was not the only one who sprang into action; you did too! Because of your faithful generous giving, we sent additional support to Sammy. He immediately used those funds to feed 100 families and to provide them with masks and hand sanitizer.

For just $10, you can provide a month’s worth of basic food staples along with masks and hand sanitizer for a family living in the Mathare Valley slum. Sammy will personally oversee the efficient administration of your donation. Would you prayerfully consider providing for a family today?

May our great God be glorified in all we do! Thank you and God bless you!

Michelle Skocz
Director, Education Ministry

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