Picture of Alice before and after surgery
Before and after the surgery you helped fund to remove a painful goiter

Smiling Again

You’ve helped an impoverished mother receive surgery

Dear Family,

Alice first noticed a lump on her neck 12 years ago. But because she lived in poverty, she never went to a doctor. Such a visit was beyond anything she could ever dream of affording.

The goiter continued to grow over the years and became increasingly painful as it grew in size. The chronic pain made it nearly impossible for Alice to care for her five children. She desperately needed to have the goiter removed.

Through gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Critical Medical Need Ministry, you helped come to Alice’s rescue by funding the removal of her painful goiter. She received the life-changing surgery in March.

After her surgery, Alice said, “Glory, glory to God. He remembered me after my many years of suffering. Now I can smile, the big burden is gone! I take this chance to thank all who gave toward my operation.”

Thank you for your compassion toward Alice and so many others who would otherwise be unable to receive needed medical care. You’re healing lives for God’s glory!

Signature of the Director of the Disabilities Ministry

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Critical Medical Needs Ministry

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