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May 2016 Issue

Smiling in Heaven

A Burmese missionary finishes her race

Jody Walker, National Missionary Ministry

Khin Mar was my friend. Many others counted her as their friend too, especially the many she led to the Lord. I’m happy to report that this dear friend is now with Jesus, our great Friend, and I want to honor her by telling you about how she lived her brief life on this earth.

We don’t usually devote pages of this magazine to those whose bodies are now in the grave, but I think Khin Mar’s life still has a few words for us—words both to challenge and encourage. And if you’re reading this it means you’re still alive and breathing, which means Jesus still has an unfinished purpose for your life. I’m sure Khin Mar would want you to know that.

Khin Mar first met Jesus in 2003 at the age of 47. She immediately fell in love with Him and told her family. Her parents and 6 siblings—all Buddhist—saw Khin Mar’s decision as a rejection of them, their culture and their faith, so they banished her from their lives. Their decision broke her heart, and she carried the burden of their rejection of her—and her Lord Jesus Christ—for the rest of her life.

Out of compassion, Khin Mar then chose to donate her home—an inheritance gift from both her parents years before, given early because she never married—to be used to care for orphans, and left all else behind to attend Bible school. Concerned for her lost family and Buddhist countrymen, Khin Mar sought to be trained as a missionary so she could reach them with the gospel.

After graduating, she spent her years traveling door-to-door sharing the message of salvation, ministering in orphanages and hospitals, caring for distressed widows, and discipling new believers. She was helped on her mission by Heaven’s Family sponsors in Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia who, because of their partnership with Khin Mar through the National Missionary Ministry, share in the fruit of her ministry. She always felt a bit self-conscious about her crooked teeth, but those she helped didn’t mind—she was Jesus to those who desperately needed His touch. Hell must have shuddered when Khin Mar climbed out of bed each morning.

Khin Mar spreading the message of salvation in the market

But seeing through our earthly eyes, it seemed hell returned fire. Recently, Khin Mar faced various declining health issues due to her diabetes, and a stroke temporarily knocked her off her feet. But she never quit. Even though her family abandoned her and her health was failing—partly due to her tireless ministry to those around her—she never lost sight of the prize awaiting her at life’s finish line.

At left, Khin Mar (at right) leading a group of disciples in prayer and teaching; at right, she continued to encourage and disciple believers, even from her sickbed

Then, just a few months ago, Khin Mar finished her race. The news saddened me, but it also filled me with joy to think that my friend is now smiling ear-to-ear in heaven! That’s because Khin Mar gave all she had to win others to the Lord. It was a choice that ultimately cost her everything—family and friends, financial security and good health. She had counted the cost, however, and fixed her mind on things above, not on earthly things (Col. 3:2)—all for the sake of Jesus and His Kingdom.

At left, Khin Mar’s friends and co-laborers bidding her farewell after her death; at right, her body’s final resting place, awaiting its future resurrection

Khin Mar wasn’t just my friend; she was my mentor. Her life reminds me there are countless people—either across the street or across the globe—who desperately need Jesus Christ, and God is giving us many opportunities to be vessels of His grace to them, just like He did with Khin Mar. Her example is a reminder to us all that we should keep our focus on Him, not give up, and use every opportunity for Him.

Thank you for demonstrating Jesus to us all, my friend. We will miss you…till we meet again.


Jody Walker

Jody Walker

Jesus’ final charge to His disciples was to “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19). Heaven’s Family’s National Missionary Ministry had the immense honor and privilege of partnering with Khin Mar for the past 4 years. She was one of more than 50 national missionaries with whom we partner in order to help fulfill Christ’s final commission. I truly believe that Khin Mar’s sponsors will one day meet a vast array of people in heaven who will thank them for enabling Khin Mar to bring the Good News to them. If you’d like to learn more about partnering with a national missionary, please go to HeavensFamily.org/missionaries or call us toll-free at 1-855-333-2211.

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