Snuggly Blankets and Other Blessings

20 Dec

Snuggly Blankets and Other Blessings

Dear Friends,

I just returned from Myanmar, where I visited all 38 of the Orphan’s Tear-sponsored orphanages there. It was wonderful to be with the children again and meet with all the directors individually to discuss moving forward with our Foster Care Initiative. All of the directors had attended a November conference hosted by Orphan’s Tear, where they learned more about the benefits of foster care and how micro-loans can help foster parents start small businesses to provide for themselves and the children in their care. Many of them were very enthusiastic about the plan.

Better Blankets

The children at Shalom Orphanage in Myanmar can’t hide how happy they are to receive new blankets

Although the winter season in Myanmar is warm compared to the sub-freezing temperatures many of us are currently experiencing, it’s cold compared to the climate there during the rest of the year. (When we visit Myanmar, usually in November or December, we are always amazed to see people wearing hats, sweaters, and jackets when the temperature drops below 75 F!)

We sent new blankets to Love in Action Orphanage and Shalom Orphanage because their old ones were worn thin. Now, all of the children have a warm blanket to snuggle in at night. As you can see, they are pretty excited about them! Thank you for giving to Orphan’s Tear’s Special Gifts Fund and keeping orphans warm this winter.

Foundation of Faith

Living Hope Orphanage’s current kitchen doesn’t offer much protection from the elements

When the bellies of children at an orphanage begin to growl, cooking is usually done over an open fire without the aid of electricity. No stoves, ovens, or microwaves—just smoke and, many times, exposure to cold and rain. We recently received the following email from Living Hope Orphanage, asking for our help to build a simple but protected new kitchen. (I haven’t corrected his broken English.)

I would like to let you know that we are cooking every thing at outside and many flies and if there is rain we have to cook in the water. We thought that it is not good to cook all the time at outside even for our health. The children are very excited to have new kitchen and eat in it and they could not wait any more so today, we measured 16 feets x 18 feet and after reading the bible Mat 7:7-8 by me, and pray by all to God, we put and dig the ground for the foundation for our new kitchen. We do hope that by your love and concern for us we will have a good and new kitchen soon through you. This is our special asking for your help. Please, help us and support us for our new kitchen.

By faith, Living Hope’s director and children started to dig the foundation for their new kitchen

After receiving this request (before my visit to Myanmar), I told the director I would be personally coming to his orphanage in just a few short weeks to discuss building a kitchen. Little did he know, however, that I was really planning to tell him and his children in person that, thanks to generous gifts to Orphan’s Tear’s Special Gifts Fund, their prayers for a new kitchen would be answered! It is being built right now as you read this, and next month I hope to be able to show you their finished building.

Next Year…

In 2012, keep an eye out for updates on our Foster Care Initiative. We are hoping to help several of our orphanage directors also become micro-bankers, and place some orphans with loving Christian families. The process is slow, but we know the best place for a child is with a Christian family that can better care for his or her needs.

Thank you so much for caring for orphans and unwanted children during this past year. Your obedience and compassion have touched the heart of Jesus. I’m looking forward to serving alongside you as we serve orphans around the world together.

Parting Shot

These two cuties are the children of one of our orphanage directors and his wife. I’m not sure if one is crying and the other is laughing, but they sure are adorable!

For the children,

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear

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