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December 2010 Issue

Soccer Team Salvation

The Mobilize a Minister Fund at Work in Kenya

Karin Trotter, National Missionary Ministry


Herbert planted the seed that led this entire soccer team to Christ

As captain of the local soccer team in the village of Wamuini, Kenya, Manu knew how to lead his team to victory on the field. Off the field, however, he was leading half of his teammates to be losers in life, setting an example of drug abuse and other criminal activity. His was a path of destruction. That all changed, however, when he met a man named Herbert Amukaya, whose story must first be told.

A single young man in his twenties, Herbert had been discipled by a Kenyan church planter whose ministry had been dramatically impacted from reading David Servant’s book, The Disciple-Making Minister. Imitating his mentor’s ministry and mettle, Herbert trekked 25 miles by foot to Wamuini, the region of his birth, and for which he had become greatly burdened. His goal was to make disciples and plant churches in the homes of new converts. Herbert’s ministry visits in Wamuini were limited, however, because he lived so many miles away.

Herbert learned that Heaven’s Family was providing bicycles to worthy church planters, and so he made application and received his two-wheeled tool for taking the gospel further. That was nine months ago. Because his travel has become so much easier, Herbert has been able to plant 7 house churches in the Wamuini region, totaling about 100 disciples. He has been particularly successful in reaching disenchanted former church members because the house churches he’s planted are like loving families, overseen by humble servants rather than the tithe-grabbing pastors who are so common in Kenya.


Herbert with his bicycle provided by HF

But that is not the end of Herbert’s spiritual success. Being greatly burdened for the Wamuini young people who were falling into fatal lifestyles, Herbert began to spend time with them. Soon, Herbert met Manu and shared the gospel that could free him from drugs, crime and sin. Manu repented and was dramatically transformed. He began sharing the truth with his fellow soccer teammates. Amazingly, all of them turned to Christ, and all were baptized together. Those same team members have since requested that Herbert visit their homes to share the gospel with their loved ones.


Herbert with members of the soccer team

Who knows how many others will come to the Lord as the result of one church planter equipped with one bicycle? What will it be like that day in heaven when Herbert, and those saved through his ministry, meet the person who provided the money for Herbert’s bicycle?

The Bigger Picture:

Through Heaven’s Family’s Mobilize a Minister Fund, thousands of durable bicycles have been provided for church planters around the world for just $100 each. Still, we always have a waiting list of worthy church planters like Herbert who are praying for a bicycle.

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