Softer Sleep for Siestas

25 Feb

This little boy is enjoying a luxury he’s never experienced before.

It’s been hard for the children to sleep each night…very hard. That’s because many have been sleeping on hardwood boards, and the others have had to sleep on old, thin mats.

These children, more than 30 of them, were at one time abandoned or abused, but now have found a home where they are loved and cared for in rural Mexico, thanks to the compassion and vision of Heaven’s Family-supported missionaries Jason and Nicole Fitzpatrick. As you may recall hearing late last year, we’ve expanded Orphan’s Tear’s sponsorship program into Mexico to help these children. It’s now possible for compassionate lovers of Jesus around the world to take part in the care of these precious children.

Sponsorship provides for each child’s basic need for nutritious food, shelter, education, clothing and medical care, but the children also have other needs that sponsorship funds cannot meet—such as mattresses. So last month we paid for all the children to receive new mattresses through Orphan’s Tear Special Projects! We also bought all of them new shoes, another big blessing.

Expressing her appreciation, Nicole Fitzpatrick wrote:

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for helping us out so much this month—wow! I feel so freed from a huge load. I have wanted to buy them nice mats/cushions for so long and was never able to.

So now, the children are enjoying a little luxury most of us take for granted: softer sleep!

Four excited kids with new mattresses

All the children showing off their new shoes!

Thank you all so much for your ongoing partnership to better the lives of orphans in Jesus’ name. May the Lord bless you!

Elisabeth Walker
Director of Orphan’s Tear

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