Some Folks Who Love You

12 Jan

Some Folks Who Love You


Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for giving to the Food Fund. Here are a couple stories—written in fairly good English by one of our national missionaries, Khamh Lian Thang—of how your gifts have benefitted very poor believers in the nation of Myanmar. Their photos and short stories below will touch your heart, I’m sure. On their behalf, thanks for your compassion!

The people in this first photo are U Pho Wi and his family. They are a Karen Christian. There are five member in his family and they struggle a lot this year. Since they are new to the community, they were afraid to ask their neighbor for any Christian who would share them food for a couple of days. I arrived there in the right time when
there is no single seed of rice remain in their barn. A full bag of rice we gave them will help them survive at least a month….It will be an unforgettable Christmas for them

The woman in this second photo is a widow, Daw Mary Nu and her son. Her husband died last year. He was a wood cutter and the tree he cuts fell on him and he dies on the spot. She goes home to homes and ask if someone would give her a work and give her some food in return. But unfortunately she was sick for a week and she and her little son ate only one meal a day for a week. When I arrived there, she was not recover yet from her illness. She could barely stand for a photo shoot. Hopefully she will recover soon and the food that we gave her will keep her strong enough to continue her daily routine.

The people in this third photos are Malar Win and her three students. She is a missionary and she trains teens for discipleship program. They run out of food to celebrate Christmas and the food that we gave them will do a very happy momentum Christmas.

The woman and the girl in this fourth photo are Won Khan Daung and her disable daughter. The daily income she has almost goes for her daughter’s medication every day. They have never had a full bag of rice in their life time, she told us. This year’s winter seems to be colder than any, and she said, she now could save the money which she would have spent for food and buy a new blanket for her and her daughter. What a warm winter night they will spend together!

The people in this fifth photo are Eris and her brother and sisters. Their parents died two years ago. They were Roman Catholic before. But when their parents died, they ask their Bishop and Priests for a proper burial and their Priests said that they were busy for Christmas preparation and they wont be able to do a funeral. But a Protestant Pastor, who is a friend of mine did everything for their parents’ funeral and since that day, my friend is using their home for a house meetings to convert Catholics. They are the first family whom I met and speak a pure British English.


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  • Hannah

    I know you hear this over and over but I LOVE these updates with the pictures. It brings what’s hoped for in us to life by seeing the actual recipients. Thanks for ALL you do!

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