Somu’s Salvation

Somu receives baptism

Somu’s Salvation

How you changed a life in India

Dear Friends,

I recently received the following testimony from Somu, a young man from a Hindu family. His life was forever changed after receiving a copy of the Scriptures thanks to gifts to the Strategic Bibles Ministry.

I never knew about Jesus until recently. My very close friend Rajeev gave me a Bible and told me, “This book changed my entire life and it will surely change you too.”

As we are from a rural village in Haryana state, North India, we never had Christian people in our place. It was my first time learning about Raveev and his new faith. So with much anxiety I started reading from the middle of the book (Psalms) and I felt so good. Then my friend led me to read from Matthew. As I was reading about Jesus it began to touch my heart and I developed a love and affection to Jesus. Moreover I felt so sad when I read about the crucifixion.

Rejeev took me along with him to the village church and introduced me to the pastor there. He explained me well why Jesus died on the cross. Then I kept on reading the book and it began to speak to me every day. My life too changed. Last month I gave my life to Jesus and thank God I took baptism last week. I am so happy that I found the true God.

Thanks for your partnership in the Great Commission!


Peter Wray
Director, Strategic Bibles Ministry

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